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After getting out of the bathtub and washing his face with cold water, he looked at his face in the mirror and muttered to himself, "It's time to go and see.."

After getting out of the bathtub and washing his face with cold water, he looked at his face in the mirror and muttered to himself, "It's time to go and see.." (9) The next day was Saturday, and although the store was not closed, it happened that it was not on duty. After lunch, he left the house without saying where he was going. Yushiko did not ask him in particular. Maybe he's aware of his purpose. It is almost impossible to go out in a suit when you are not working. When I arrived in Ikebukuro, I bought a gift box of Western pastries in the department store. Asked if he needed a gift sign, he said no, because he didn't know what name to use. Take the subway via the Marunouchi Line to the East-West Line to Kiba Station, and then walk. On the sidewalk beside the main road, he walked in silence. Vehicles kept passing by, including the trucks of the moving company. Seeing that, he couldn't help thinking about his brother. In order to earn his brother's tuition, the elder brother is carrying heavy goods every day. After ruining his health, he was eager to get money, so he did it in a bewitching way. It was this street that came to his mind at that time. There was no plan at all, and it was almost a crime of impulse-as if the state-appointed defense lawyer said so. Naoki thinks it's exactly like that. In any case,deep draw stamping, Gangzhi stared at the family because he still had an impression of the old lady there, and the reason why he had an impression was that the old lady had spoken kindly to him. If you have to steal something, why don't you find someone you don't like, he thought. But Gangzhi wouldn't do something like that. Walking by impression, suddenly, the sign of "Ogata Store" came into view. It's on the sign in the parking lot. Zhi Gui looked around hurriedly. Across the road,die cast light housing, there was a two-story house with a Western-style gate. I still remember that door. Not long after the incident triggered by Gangzhi, I came here in a muddle. But the house seems to have some changes, the original should be a bungalow, is it transformed again? Naoki remembered what had happened when he came here before and wanted to apologize to the survivors, but as soon as he saw them, he ran away in a hurry. Perhaps the debt owed at that time had to be repaid by himself-recalling what had happened before, Zhigui thought. At least I won't be such a humble person as I am now. Approach the gate and reach for the bell. If only no one was home! At this point, he still had this idea in his heart, and he hated himself a little. Press the button and hear the doorbell ringing in the room. Naoki breathed deeply. After a few seconds, I heard a voice of promise, a man's voice. Surprise visit. I'm very sorry. My name is Takeshima. Is the master at home? After a while, someone asked, metal stamping parts ,die casting parts, "Who is Mr. Takeshima?" Zhigui took another deep breath: "I am Takeshi Takeshima's brother." They won't forget the name. Naoki wanted to swallow the saliva, but his mouth was dry. I didn't expect the door to open at once. The man in the short-sleeved shirt was exposed. I seem to be a little fatter than I saw before, and I have more white hair. His face was expressionless, and he stared intently at Naoki's approach, his mouth closed. Through the door, the two men confronted each other. Zhi Gui bowed his head in greeting. I'm sorry for the surprise visit, because I don't know the telephone number. Said, he peeked at each other's appearance, the man still did not have any expression. What's up He asked in a low, steady voice. By now, you must think so. But I still want to express my condolences. It was my brother who made me do this. He should have visited earlier, but he couldn't summon up the courage and delayed for several years. "But why did you suddenly think of it?" "That." He was speechless. Is that your problem? Naoki lowered his head. It's too self-righteous to put it aside for several years in order to adjust your mentality and then suddenly visit. Then Ogata opened the door. Please, come in! Naoki looked at each other's face in surprise. "Is that all right?" "Isn't that why you're here?" Ogata's lips relaxed a little. "Besides, there's something I want you to see." "You want me to see it?" "Come in first!" There are brown leather sofas in the room where Naoki was introduced. Sit down, please He said. Naoki sat down in the center of the three-seat sofa. Directly opposite was a large, wide-screen television. Naoki remembered that he had heard that Gangzhi didn't run away immediately after stealing something and sat on the sofa watching TV. Unfortunately, my wife went out with the children. Unfortunately, perhaps it should be said that it is just right. Ogata sat down on the armchair and went to the ashtray and cigarettes. These, these are worthless things. Zhigui wants to hand over the things wrapped in the department store. No, please take it back. Ogata looked away and said, "You didn't want to tell your wife about your visit.". She is a woman who will get angry even if she knows to let someone into the house. Besides, it looks like something to eat, and frankly, what kind of mood to put it in your mouth? It's just not pleasant to think about it. You may not like it. "Ah!"! I see. Naoki took the snack back to himself. At first, he thought that people might not accept it. "After a moment of unpleasant silence, Ogata exhaled a cigarette and stared in different directions, as if waiting for Naoki to say something." Has this house been remodeled? Zhigui looked around and asked. Until three years ago, we lived somewhere else. We couldn't keep it empty and couldn't find anyone to rent it, so we decided to stay here. However, my wife said she didn't want to be the same as before, and I had the same idea, so I decided to rebuild it. As if nothing had happened, Ogata added the bad influence of the incident to the euphemistic language. No one rents it, and my wife hates to live in it, all because there has been a murder in this family. That, Mr. Ogata, "Naoki raised his head." As I said just now, I wonder if I could be allowed to light a stick of incense to express my condolences. " "That won't do." Ogata said calmly. Rejected immediately,Investment casting parts, Zhigui did not know what to do, and did not know where to look, so he lowered his head. autoparts-dx.com


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